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What is Curls-Au Naturel?

Curls-Au Naturel is a platform dedicated to supporting the black community, black culture and natural hair society. We aim to help people understand the true meaning of being a Naturel. As such we have come up with various ways to help educate, motivate and inspire women who are thinking of starting their natural hair journey or have already started. Visit our online store to access a wide range Naturel Products such as bags, vests, journals and many more which ships to your door doorstep at very low rates. Represent the movement, purchase a product today. 

Our vision is to inspire the next generation to embrace themselves starting with their natural hair. We guide them on a path of self-acceptance, self-love and historical knowledge of where they come from. We aspire to inspire and hope.

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Southside Shopping Center. Wandsworth SW18 4TP


Our Vision

To inspire the next generation to embrace their natural hair. For women to know that natural hair isn't a burden but with the right knowledge, products and time you can grow something uniquely beautiful.

-Tame Your Mane



The number of people we come across that have been made to believe that natural hair is nappy, unmanageable and unacceptable to society,encouraged us to educate and help spread the word.

This is the most versatile hair type in the world and a unique attribute to women everywhere.

We would like to help each other grow beautiful long healthy hair by sharing tips and advice. With the right information this will be achieved.